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Community School District 28

90-27 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica, New York 11435
(718) 557-2618
[email protected]

Dr. Tammy Pate, District 28 Community Superintendent

In their own words:

In Community School District 28 we celebrate our differences because we understand that woven into those differences is the knowledge that they offer us unlimited possibility to learn and expand our knowledge of and commitment to all humanity. We are beautifully diverse, coming from countless racial, ethnic, language, and belied backgrounds. We commit to striving for inestimable contribution to the lives of our scholars.

In Community School District 28 we focus on equity as a lever for achievement for every single scholar. We are a district of excellence. We commit to every school maintaining high academic standard and working closely with families so that all scholars are learning at high levels. We also commit to being a district of learners ensuring that we promote critical thinking rooted in core content conceptual understanding through creative problem solving, technology innovation, social emotional learning, and community advocacy.

Community Education Council District 28

90-27 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica, New York 11435
[email protected]

Vijah Ramjattan, CEC28 President 
Barbara Williams, First Vice-President
Ted Chang, Second Vice President 
Lu Zhao, Treasurer 
Nathifa Lewis, Recording Secretary 
Nancy Lugassy, Member 
Cassandra Alexander, Member 
Sheleeza Dean, Member 
Rajwinder Kaur, Member 
Elena Aminova, Member
Simone Dornbach