Neighborhood Slow Zone Program

The NYC Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) is currently accepting applications to the Neighborhood Slow Zone program.
What is a Slow Zone? Neighborhood Slow Zones reduce the speed limit on residential streets from 30 mph to 20 mph. Slow Zones grant local families peace of mind because they know drivers in their communities will stick to safer speeds. Communities that apply for a Slow Zone can get safety improvements that reduce traffic crashes, cut-through traffic and traffic noise, making residential streets safer for biking and walking.

Who can apply? Community boards, civic associations, BIDs, elected officials or other community institutions such as schools or churches can apply.

What can qualify as a Slow Zone? Pick a primarily residential area about 5 blocks by 5 blocks in size. Avoid including wide streets, industrial sites and major commercial areas within the Slow Zone. Pick an area with strong boundaries (e.g. Slow Zone borders can be major streets, highways, large parks or elevated train tracks)
How do I apply? Download the application, and follow NYCDOT’s application instructions. Applications must demonstrate local support for the Neighborhood Slow Zone. Applications that include letters of support from key community stakeholders will be prioritized.

Applications are due May 31st.

T.A. is proud to have fought to bring this new safety solution to New York City, and they’re here to help any community group interested in applying. Need help drumming up local support? Transportation Alternatives is here to help! E-mail [email protected], or call us at 212-629-8080.