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South East Queens Camera Club
On January 31, 2005, an open house was held in Southeast Queens to discuss the possibility of forming a camera club in the community. The vote of the 40 attendees was unanimous and the Southeast Queens Camera Club (SEQCC) was organized in February 2005. The club meets at 7:30 pm on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from September to June.  The meetings are held at Roy Wilkins Park. When summer classes are scheduled for July and August, they will be posted on our website (http://segcc.org). The club provides education sessions, monthly competitions, and field trips, shares images, conducts an annual auction, and assists at the annual art exhibit sponsored by the Southern Queens Park Association. They have fun together as they strengthen their knowledge of photography. They have approximately 50 members. Some are beginners and others are more advanced.  Regardless of your level in photography, there’s a place for you. SEQCC is a member of the Photographic Federation of Long Island (PFLI) which consists of 23 camera clubs from the NY Metropolitan area, with approximately 900 members. The PFLI holds monthly inter-club competitions and SEQCC submits images monthly.

Roy Wilkins Park
177-01 Baisley Boulevard
Jamaica, NY 11434
Phone: (718) 723-9423
E-mail: info@seqcc.org
South East Queens Camera Club Web Site